About Oneplus

About Oneplus: Pioneering Quality Windows and Doors

At Oneplus, we take immense pride in being a trusted brand for windows and doors in both domestic and overseas markets. But we’re more than just excellent hurricane-resistant solutions; we’re committed to setting industry standards through unwavering focus on security and innovation.

Our Journey

Market Insight: In 2008, we embarked on a journey to study the market meticulously. Our precise aim was clear: to delve into the research and development of high-end intelligent windows and doors.
Patents and Accolades: With over twenty patents honor, we’ve earned recognition as a National High-Tech Enterprise, a Science and Technology Small and Medium-sized Enterprise, and a Leading Quality Enterprise. These accolades reflect our dedication to excellence.
Certifications: Accredited with CENFRC, and Sai Global certifications, we stand as a testament to quality, performance, and service.
Global Trust: Builders and millions of households worldwide trust us. Whether you seek impact-resistant or non-impact products, rest assured that every window and door custom-manufactured in our factory is designed for elegance, durability, and enhanced space protection.

The Oneplus Approach

Innovation at the Core: As part of the KINTE family of brands, innovation drives our work. For over 15 years, we’ve led the market by meeting customer demands with advanced products.
Listening and Learning: We actively seek feedback from team members, dealers, and homeowners. Their insights inspire us to explore new solutions, ideas, and inspirations.
Rigorous R&D: When innovation beckons, we dive deep into research and development. Our stringent standards ensure that every new product embodies strength, beauty, and quality.

Upgrade your living or workspace with Oneplus—where safety, style, and smart design converge. 

Our Journey: Milestones and Innovations

2008: Company Inception

  • Mr. Jacky Yu founded Kinte company in Foshan City with a team of three employees.
  • Later, the company underwent a transformation, adopting the name Oneplus to signify continuous improvement in our product lines.

2011: Window and Door Manufacturing

  • Foshan Oneplus Windows and Doors Co., Ltd. (KINTE®) was established.
  • Our mission: To meet the growing demand for superior-quality windows and doors.

2016: Venturing into Export Trade

  • In pursuit of perfect customization for industrial products, architectural windows and doors, and aluminum gate systems, Oneplus expanded its Exportation.
  • Our products found favor in European and American markets.

2018: The Museum of Experiences

  • Kinte Windows and Doors unveiled the Intelligent Customized Home Decoration Door and Window Experience Hall.
  • This launch marked a significant milestone in our commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction.
  • Join us on this remarkable journey, where quality, innovation, and excellence converge.

The Oneplus Story: Elevating Quality and Human-Centric Design

Oneplus, synonymous with high-end quality, specializes in indoor and outdoor aluminum alloy doors and windows. Our journey is shaped by the vision of a diligent Chinese entrepreneur—Jacky. Let’s delve into our story:

Jacky’s Expertise: With a background in the construction industry, Jacky possesses a unique blend of expertise and passion for home design. His creative flair extends to the meticulous selection and design of windows and doors.
Oneplus’ Vision:
Collaboration: Oneplus aims to collaborate with innovative designers, architects, and project homeowners. Together, we create warm and comfortable home environments for our valued customers.
Industry Leadership: Through the collective efforts of the Oneplus team, we aspire to set an example for the entire industry. Our commitment to custom home improvement in the window and door sector drives us forward.

  • Holistic Solutions: Our ultimate goal is to be a one-stop service provider for interior and exterior home solutions. Continuous learning and unwavering effort guide us as we strive to enhance comfort and safety for our customers.
  • Join us on this transformative journey, where quality, innovation, and customer-centric design converge. 

Jacky’s Journey: From Humble Beginnings to Innovative Windows and Doors

In a small village in southern China, a modest tile-roofed house stood with its weathered wooden windows. Winter brought bone-chilling winds that seeped through the cracks, etching memories into Jacky’s heart. Despite their hardships, the family’s warmth and care fueled Jacky’s desire to improve their living conditions.

Years later, Jacky graduated from university and stepped into the construction industry, fueled by a dream. His relentless pursuit of knowledge led him to explore advanced door and window technologies from abroad, seamlessly blending them with domestic production methods. Through continuous breakthroughs, Jacky achieved a fusion of functional design and elegant profiles for doors and windows—an innovation that delivers top-tier performance.

Oneplus’ Vision

Comfort and Safety: Oneplus aims to create door and window solutions that offer unparalleled comfort and safety. Loved ones, friends, and companions can now feel at ease within their homes.
Global Impact: Jacky collaborates with innovative designers, architects, and contractors to showcase China’s creativity, intelligence, and culture. Our attractive products incorporate cutting-edge design, setting new standards worldwide.
Security and Performance: Oneplus’ windows and doors adhere to the highest security and performance standards, meeting the diverse needs of users across regions.
Jacky’s dream is to provide the best window and door solutions for every user.