The company is mainly a foreign trade aluminum door and window processing factory,and the main processing products are:European and American Macao windows.It has Australia certification, CE EU certification and NFRC, AAMA American standard certification.

The product has high performance.The American standard 720Pa watertight sliding door,the American standard 5000Pa wind pressure resistant casement door,the American standard 330Pa watertight extremely narrow sliding door,the Australian standard 600Pa watertight top hung window,and the European standard 1050Pa watertight casement door.The sound insulation of the product is more than 37 decibels,and the U value is as low as 1.2W/(m2-K).


Success Stories

Oneplus's users all over the world and numerous engineering cases have become a powerful case for Oneplus to continuously provide new options and solutions  for  architectural  designers  and developers.

Reliable Durable

Oneplus products have passed a series of rigorous experimental tests in Europe and the United States and practical tests of buildings around the world.


Rich Product Range

Onplus's products can meet various opening  methods,and  provide  customers with  scientific  and  comprehensive  solutions according to the market and customers' needs for performance and safety.

Continuous Innovation

Through  continuous  research  and development,design and introduction of more product categories,Oneplus has always maintained a leading level of quality and technology.