150 Series American quality standards glass sliding door with aluminum alloy frame design for prefab house

Are you looking for a window and door solution that combines strength, security and superior performance? Look no further! Our innovative Thermal break aluminum profile sliding doors are the best choice on the market today, offering a variety of excellent features that can enhance the functionality and aesthetics of your space.

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Brand Name: Oneplus
Frame Material: Aluminum Alloy
Glass: IGCC/SGCC Certified Fully Tempered Insulation Glass
Glass thickness: 5mm+27A+5mm
Glass Blade width: 600-2000mm
Glass Blade heigh: 1500-3500mm
Glass style: Low-E/Tempered/Tinted/Coating
Screens: Mosquito Screen
Screen Netting Material: King Kong
Material: Stainless Steel
After-sale Service: Online technical support,Onsite Inspection
Advantage: Professional
Application: Home ,Courtyard, Residential,Commerical,Villa
Packing: Packed with 8-10mm pearl cotton, wrapped in film, to prevent any damage
Certification: NFRC / AAMA / CE


Are you in search of a window and door solution that seamlessly combines strength, security, and superior performance? Look no further! Our innovative thermal break aluminum profile sliding doors stand out as the best choice in today’s market. Let’s explore their exceptional features:

  1. Multi-Point Locking System: Our doors incorporate a multi-point locking mechanism, elevating both strength and security to the highest level. Rest assured that your windows and doors are solid, acting as a strong deterrent against potential intruders.
  2. Embedded Door Leaf Design: The embedded design of the door leaf significantly enhances sound insulation and heat retention. Say goodbye to external distractions and temperature fluctuations! Enjoy a peaceful and comfortable living environment with our premium insulated sliding doors.
  3. Air Tightness and Water Tightness: Our doors offer excellent air and water tightness, eliminating drafts, leaks, and burglary risks. The meticulous design ensures optimum protection against air and water penetration, enhancing overall security.
  4. Contemporary Elegance: Beyond functionality, our thermal break aluminum profile sliding doors exude elegance and contemporary appeal. Their sleek design seamlessly complements any architectural style, enhancing the visual aesthetics of your space.
  5. Versatility: Whether renovating a residence or working on a commercial project, our doors consistently exceed expectations. From strength and safety to insulation and overall performance, they deliver unmatched value.

Join the growing list of satisfied customers who have chosen our products to transform their spaces into sanctuaries of comfort and safety. Upgrade your living or workspace with the perfect blend of form and function.

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